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Tal-Ya trays are currently placed in field trials at customers around the globe.  Below are references from a number of customers.  For results of university studies please visit our “From the Experts” page.

  • Amir Ben Yehuda , grower of organic vegetables and Orchards in Beit Yitzhak, Israel
  • Kfir Kirschner, organic grower of citrus fruit, avocado, mango, olives, figs, lichi, and pomergranate in Beit Yitzhak, Israel
  • Dror Epstein, Ecology Engineer, The Sharon Drainage and Streams Authority – conducted forestation trial.
  • China, Guizhou University – conducted forestation study
  • Chris Siems, representative of Wilson Irrigation in California, U.S.A.


  • Happy TuBishvat from Tal-Ya

    Happy TuBishvat from Tal-Ya

    Happy TuBishvar for all the trees in Israel and in the world. Tu-Bishvat is the Jewish holiday where we are celebrating nature growth and thanksgiving. With Tal-Ya platform, the forest’s young …Read More »
  • A delegation from India visit Israel & Tal-Ya

    A delegation from India visit Israel & Tal-Ya

    Visit of leading academic leaders from Punjab Agriculture University, India took place this month. The demonstration was held at The Arava R&D Center, where Tal-Ya’s Agro-platform has been mounted on …Read More »