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Tal-Ya in times of drought

What a wonderful item! It was published in ‘Ecquologia’ website, Italy and shows the benefits of Mitra (Tal-Ya’s agriculture solutions), especially in times of drought. The image below will lead you to the full article.

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Tal-Ya’s CEO, Oded Distel, pays visit to Andhra Pradesh

Our CEO, Oded Distel, recently visited Andhra Pradesh, India, to talk with farmers that are using Tal-Ya to enhance their production. It is important for us to be on the ground to gain insights on practices in different places on the globe to keep improving our product constantly.

Together with the NITSAN Sustainable Development Lab of Tel Aviv University and Tata Trusts we are improving farmers’ income and irrigation efficiency by creating an ideal micro-climate around plant roots in Andhra Pradesh. The pilot currently consists of 19 plots; 16 of them are used for the production of tomatoes and the other 3 are used for the growth of delicious melons.

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