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Heavenly Dew

Tal-Ya, which means Heavenly Dew, is on a mission to make current agricultural practices more sustainable and resilient to provide food security for our growing global population. Tal-Ya’s Mitra teams up with nature to enhance plant growth, produce high-quality yield and limit the use of resources and substances that affect soil fertility in the long term.

Ideal Root Microclimate

By influencing gravitation, reducing evaporation, and enhancing photosynthesis and insulation, Tal-Ya facilitates an ideal microclimate around the plant’s foundation, the roots. This focus creates stimulation of productive and healthy plant-growth while protecting the environment and some of its most valuable elements; water & soil. 

Tal-Ya’s simple patent-based recyclable platform (EP1866101) is easy to install, use, and maintain by farmers located in different areas of the globe dealing with different climate characteristics, and is applicable on various crops. The belief in the power of simplicity has led to the adoption of our technology by well-known global organizations, such as the Red Cross, Tata Trusts, and the Jewish National Fund (JNF).