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Unlocking nature’s potential through the power of simplicity.

Tal-Ya brings the world a new earth-friendly AgriTech solution that enhances naturally occurring processes in plants while addressing the issues of water shortage, extreme weather conditions, overuse of chemicals, and soil degradation.

Tal-Ya-s Mirtra is easy to use and brings tremendous added value to farmers, dramatically increasing crop yield, and enabling farmers to harvest more from each tree, faster.

Additionally, the use of Tal-Ya’s Mitra saves at least 50% of water, 50% of fertilizer, and functions as an alternative to herbicide (weed-killer).

The Mitra is fully compatible with drip irrigation and other types of irrigation and makes optimal use of rainwater and dew.

Tal-Ya’s Mitra is already serving farms throughout the world. The farmer’s investment in the product is typically returned within a season through water and fertilizer savings, as well as increased crop yield.